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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When is the registration deadline?

    The final date for registration is the same date as the business plan due and is announced when registration is opened.  This information is published in the Participant Handbook . To participate in the free seminars, you must register first.

  • 2. Is there a cost to enter the program?

    Due to the generous help from our sponsors, there is no cost to this program.

  • 3. Who is eligible to participate in Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge?

    1. Eligible to participate
    a) Individuals or teams, new or existing business owners, students, researchers, or anyone with a
    sustainable business plan or concept.
    b) Sustainability of the business or concept will be determined in the absolute and sole
    unfettered discretion of the Organizing Committee and/or Judges.
    c) Teams must be living, working or attending school in the Challenge Region (see page 5).
    d) Teams must have one member designated as the Team Leader. Team Leader will be the
    primary contact person.
    e) Existing businesses must not exceed $2-million in annual revenues.
    f) Existing businesses must be in operation for five (5) years or more to be considered existing
    business. A new business is under five (5) years.
    g) The proposed business must be located in the Challenge Region (see page 5).
    h) All business plans must be submitted no later than 2:00 p.m. on the date published in the Participant Handbook to be eligible.

    2. Ineligible to participate
    A participant is ineligible to participate in the Challenge if he or she:
    a) does not meet all the eligibility requirements.
    b) has won cash and/or prizes as a Finalist in a similar entrepreneur challenge.
    c) is a member of the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge Organizing Committee, Screener or
    Judge (or any partner or business associate of a Screener or Judge), staff member (or staff
    equivalent), or any of the immediate family of the above that are on a team, is a mentor in
    the current competition year or operates with some formal business relationship with a
    d) solicits and/or Judges directly in which case the Participant will be disqualified.
    e) has won first place in the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge in the past five (5) years;
    f) exhibits conduct which is unlawful, would reflect poorly on the reputation of the Challenge,
    is harmful with malicious intent to any of the sponsors in any way, or for any other reason at
    the discretion of the Organizing Committee;
    g) submits a plan that:
    i) does not meet the submission guidelines as published in this handbook (see page 12).
    ii) exceeds the maximum length for any section outlined in this handbook.
    iii) uses a font, heading, line length, or margins in such a way that the amount of text on any given
    page exceeds the limit available using the recommended page setup and font specifications.
    iv) does not have a signed Participant Agreement/Non-Disclosure Agreement or Submission
    v) does not agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this handbook.

  • 4. Will my plan remain confidential after judging?

    You bet.  We ensure full confidentiality for all participants.

  • 5. How does the participant / team system work?

    Teams are a group of individuals who are intending to submit a business plan (note: only one concept per team). Up to four individuals can be on a team.

    Competitiors are those individuals or teams submitting a business plan on the date published in the Participant Handbook.

    All participants (teams, individuals and competitors) must be registered before the date published in the Participant Handbook to be eligible to submit a business plan for judging.

  • 6. How big can my team be?

    Team sizes can be four or less

  • 7. How does the judging work?

    Please refer to the Judging Process in the Participant Handbook.

  • 8. Where can I find resources to help me write my plan?

    Along with the training sessions , there is a useful business links under the “Resources” section of this website.

    Also, visit your nearest Community Futures, our business analysts would love to meet with you!

  • 9. How will my intellectual property be protected

    We have taken all reasonable precautions to protect intellectual property by having both participants and volunteers sign non-disclosure agreements. Please see the Participant Handbook for complete Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • 10. Do I have to take on additional team members

    No, it is up to the discretion of the Team Captain whether or not you add members to your team. However, you should ensure that all applicable skill areas have been filled prior to plan submission to ensure that you are submitting the best possible plan.

  • 11. Where can I find additional team members?

    Simply network at the business plan seminars to find those who are interested in joining your team.

  • 12. If I don’t have a concept, can I still participate?

    We are generally looking for individuals and companies trying to develop a feasible concept/business plan through the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge process. If you are an interested individual without a concept who is serious about attending the seminars, please contact us to see if you still qualify to participate in the process.